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I was born in a small country globe-makers usually abbreviate as "Mold." My family moved to the Bay Area when I was six, and to New York when I was twelve. I have lived at over twenty addresses, in cities with a full-scale replica of the Parthenon, the world's most famous cheese market, Pushkin's home in exile, the world's largest landfill, and the birthplaces of Bruce Springsteen and Nathan Hale.

Freehold, New Jersey, is where I attended high school, fostered my inner geek, and earned trophies for arguing. At the University of Virginia, I pursued political theory, dabbled in economics, met my wife, and developed a Sisyphean fandom for UVA sports. At Rutgers University, I received a doctorate in economics and dabbled in brewing and darts.

We moved to Nashville, Tennessee for one year, and stayed for ten. Endeavoring to move back to the Northeast, we overshot, and landed in the quiet corner of Connecticut.

My wife and I have two kids and one large, goofy dog.

For my professional background, see my vita or research pages.